Wide range

of FOX steering stabilizers

Get to know all type FOX steering stabilizer Performance 2.0 and Factory Race.

Wide range of FOX steering stabilizers

Get to know all type FOX steering stabilizers series such as:
  • Performance 2.0
  • Factory Race
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Best FOX steering stabilizers for 4x4

FOX’s steering dampers were designed based on the experience of professionals gained behind the wheel of 4×4 vehicles and thousands of kilometers driven off-road. As a result, they now offer reliable performance and effective damping of steering vibrations regardless of driving style, intensity, or road surface type. Their long-term durability is attributed to high-quality anodized aluminum, which exhibits four times higher strength than steel.
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FOX Performance 2.0 steering stabilizers are designed with an understanding of the nature of off-road vehicles and their needs when traversing on their sizeable tires off the beaten path. Inside these steering stabilizers is a highly effective gas chamber with an Internal Floating Piston (IFP) that is effectively separated from the fluid, providing precise damping even with large tires. For even better stability of the front steering system, FOX has designed steering stabilizers with Through Shaft (TS) technology. The through shaft extends beyond the shock body, eliminating fluid displacement throughout the shock stroke and ensuring uncompromising performance. Similar effects are achieved with dual IFP steering stabilizers. Meanwhile, the TS line of steering stabilizers with ATS reservoir and adjustment is dedicated to extreme performance driving.

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FOX Factory Race 2.0 Steering Stabilizers feature ATS models equipped with an additional external reservoir with a gas chamber separated from the oil by an IFP floating piston. This design increases the oil volume within the stabilizer and effectively solves the problem of fluid aeration. As a result, the FOX Factory Race ATS Steering Stabilizer performs reliably even during prolonged and uninterrupted operation at high speeds. Additionally, the external reservoir has a 24-step adjustment for the stiffness of the stabilizer, allowing the driver to customize the driving feel to their preferences and the type of terrain. A firmer setting is suitable for standard driving on paved roads, while a softer setting is ideal for off-road driving.