Wide range

of FOX shocks

Get to know all type FOX shocks series such as Performance 2.0, Performance Elite and Factory Race.

Wide range of FOX shocks

Get to know all type FOX shocks series such as:
  • Performance 2.0,
  • Performance Elite
  • Factory Race
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Best FOX shocks series for 4x4, suvs, pickups and many more vehicles.

All FOX shock absorbers are made of high-quality anodized aluminum, which dissipates heat four times better than other conventional materials and 300% better than steel. Their durability has been repeatedly tested, subjecting them to the toughest trials on racing tracks and in extreme conditions. The fully serviceable and corrosion-resistant design of Fox shock absorbers allows you to enjoy their unchanged damping properties for many years and thousands of kilometers of challenging terrain.

shocks fox performance series 2.0 ifp and reservoir

The Performance 2.0 series was created for high-performance trail riding and to allow for even deeper immersion in the terrain. Literally! This is possible thanks to the shock absorber’s design, in which the gas chamber is effectively separated from the fluid by a floating IFP piston.

This technology eliminates the risk of nitrogen and oil mixing, ensuring reliable performance of Fox Performance series shock absorbers under heavy suspension load. The use of premium materials such as aluminum bodies, ensures that the performance remains reliable and resilient over time, without fading. Compatible with lifts up to 6″.

fox shock absorbers with reservoir performance elite to offroad ride
fox shocks off-road series suspension part lift

The Performance Elite 2.5 series elevates the potential of off-roading to a whole new level. Equipped with Fox Elite 2.5 shock absorbers, you won’t stray from your chosen path, even if it leads through rocky slopes. Moreover, on your way to work, you’ll easily overtake everyone by taking shortcuts off the main road, while still enjoying a comfortable ride if you choose gravel trails.

All of this is possible thanks to the shock absorbers with a reservoir, an external tank that increases the oil volume and thus ensures even greater performance during long rides on challenging terrain. Adjusting the compression (DSC) shock absorber will optimize the suspension performance for both off-road adventures and casual driving.

premium fox shocks with reservoir factory race high performance suspension parts to offroad in europe
fox shocks race series avaiable in europe suspension parts for off-road vehicles, trucks, pick-up

The Factory Race series in 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5 sizes doesn’t compromise in any way, especially in extreme conditions. It was designed for the most hardcore off-roading where the limits are set only by the driver’s courage and imagination. Fox Factory Race shocks keep up with the most sophisticated vehicle modifications and exceed the highest demands of rally drivers, who are only interested in unparalleled speed and domination on the track. 

This is made possible by the patented bypass technology that Fox shocks feature in either external or internal versions. Such a system guarantees to maintain control over the vehicle even during descents and ascents at extreme speeds and on various surfaces. Additionally, the specially developed construction with a recirculation system enables maintaining the optimal temperature range of the shock absorber.