steering stibilizer fox performance on jeep how it works

Which Jeep steering stabilizer to choose? A review of the Performance series

What does the steering stabilizers do?

The primary function of a steering stabilizer is to reduce the amount of “bump steer” that occurs when the vehicle hits an obstacle or uneven surface. Bump steer is a phenomenon that occurs when the front wheels of the vehicle are jolted upwards, causing the steering linkage to move in an uncontrolled manner. This can be dangerous, as it can cause the vehicle to veer off course or lose control.

The steering stabilizer helps to dampen the movement of the steering linkage, preventing it from moving excessively and reducing the amount of bump steer. This helps to improve the stability and control of the vehicle, especially when driving off-road or in other challenging conditions.

Main goals:

  • Eliminates wandering steering symptom of over-sized or aggressive tires
  • Dampening any sudden jolts or bumps in terrain
fox steering stabilizer to jeep in offroad shop

Review of Fox steering dampers to trucks

Fox Performance 2.0

steering stibilizer fox performance 2.0 in shop offroad express

  • Made of anodized 6061-T6 aluminium shock body brings rust resist and dissipate heat faster than steel
  • The high pressure nitrogen gas and JM92 oil will not combine and cause aeration
  • Black nitrile rubber bushings for increased suspension articulation and reduced road noise

Why it is better to choose steering stabilizers with Through Shaft technology?

With conventional steering stabilizers, turning in one direction creates an increase in pressure inside the stabilizer as the shaft occupies more volume in the body and displaces the oil. The repercussion is a push or pull steering force felt by the driver as the stabilizer attempts to return to its neutral state. To overcome this unidirectional force, dual opposing stabilizers are often used, but this requires additional mounting hardware and space.

fox steering stabilizer to jeep wrangler

A better and more efficient solution which eliminates push or pull steering A better and more efficient solution which eliminates push or pull steering force felt by the driver, is a through shaft technology – TS / ATS.

Fox Performance 2.0 TS 

steering stabilizer fox performance 2.0 thru shaft


Steering stabilizer with Through Shaft (TS)
  •  TS architecture eliminates shaft fluid displacement throughout the stabilizer’s entire travel in both directions.
  • Delivers neutral and consistent damping of unwanted steering feedback.
  • Unrivaled steering control at an unbelievable price point in a single, bolt-on stabilizer.

Fox Performance 2.0 ATS

steering stabilizer fox performance 2.0 adjustable thru shaft

Steering stabilizer with Adjustable Through Shaft (ATS)


  • Stabilizer is equipped with slotted adjustment screw on the eyelet that affects steering damping.
  • Turning the adjustment screw clockwise will increase damping, making steering more firm.
  • Adjusting counterclockwise will decrease damping and steering resistance.
how it works? steering stabilizer fox performance 2.0 ats detail
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