fox shock with reservoir performance elite series

Why a reservoir shock absorber is better. FOX model comparison

What does a reservoir do in a shock absorber

A reservoir in a shock absorber provides several benefits. First, it increases the volume of oil in the shock absorber, which helps dissipate heat generated during the damping process. Second, it allows for more consistent and stable damping performance by providing a steady supply of oil to the piston. Finally, it can help prevent cavitation, which is the formation of air bubbles in the oil that can reduce damping performance and potentially damage the shock absorber.
fox performance shock with reservoir zoom shot

Comparison of FOX shocks with reservoir

shocks fox performance series 2.0 reservoir vs fox performance elite 2.5 series comparison

Advantages of Performance Elite 2.5 Reservoir over Performance 2.0 Reservoir

  • The Performance Elite Series 2.5 has a body diameter 0.5″ larger, a proportionally larger piston, and an enlarged reservoir, which results in an increased oil volume in the shock absorber. As a result, it is characterized by more efficient heat dissipation and higher performance in challenging off-road conditions.
  • The Performance Elite Series 2.5 also features slow and fast compression adjustment (DSC), which translates into greater possibilities for changing the shock absorber’s stiffness and even better adaptation to driving conditions.
  • The shaft diameter larger by 2/8″ corresponds to its higher rigidity and durability. In addition, the use of hard anodizing technology as an internal coating of the body changes the surface to a smoother one, which primarily increases the piston’s slipperiness but also the durability of the entire shock absorber.
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