Wide range

of FOX coil-overs

Get to know all type Fox coil-over series such as Performance 2.0, Performance Elite and Factory Race.

Wide range of FOX steering stabilizers

Get to know all type FOX coil-over series such as:
  • Performance 2.0
  • Performance Elite
  • Factory Race
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Best FOX coil-overs for 4x4 pickups

FOX Coil-over is a real workhorse. Its advanced technology, which provides excellent and reliable off-road handling, is encapsulated in solid, rust-resistant, and high-temperature housings. The top-of-the-line 6061-T6 anodized or hard-anodized aluminum not only boasts high durability, but also provides excellent piston slip, allowing shock absorbers to operate smoothly and the car to handle comfortably. FOX coil-overs are available in two variants: with an integrated spring or a place to mount the factory one.
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The Performance Series 2.0, 2.5 Coil-over FOX shocks combine the best technological solutions from the basic line of shocks. Therefore, inside these coil-overs, there is a high-pressure nitrogen-charged chamber separated from the shock oil by an IFP floating piston. Additionally, the reliable functioning of the shock is ensured by the racing coil, made of the highest quality materials, which maintains optimal stiffness and resilience regardless of the conditions and time of use. The spring is adjustable through special washers, which allow for adjusting the preload and ride height for both stock and lifted suspensions.

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The Performance Elite series 2.5 consists of coil-overs designed for the biggest off-road challenges. By utilizing an additional external reservoir, they increase the oil volume, making them capable of handling even the most diverse terrains. The reservoir consists of a gas chamber and a fluid separated by an IFP piston. This solution allows for even more efficient maintenance of the optimal shock temperature during intense use and increases its performance in demanding driving conditions, both on mountain trails and in swamps. The integrated spring has tension adjustment, allowing you to customize its characteristics to the driving conditions.

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Coil-over FOX Factory Race 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 shocks are not ordinary shock absorbers, they are machines designed to withstand extreme conditions during deadly races, both at insane speeds and on sandy terrain. Their damping force and spring solidity are unmatched. The adjustable integrated coil spring and reservoir increase the working range of the shock absorber. This way, FOX coil-overs can adapt to absolutely any conditions and driving style. So if you treat your off-road vehicle mercilessly, the enlarged piston, reservoir, and body in the Factory Race 2.5 version will forgive you for any extreme off-road adventure.