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Top-class shock absorbers brand for the most specialized offroad applications such as overlanding, camping, mudding or rock crawling. It has been appreciated by many professional drivers from around the world, including Ken Block and Justin Lofton.

Offroad Parts

Wide range of shocks for off-road AWD/4WD cars, 4x4 suvs, and pick-ups such as Jeep, Dodge RAM, Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, GMC, Suzuki, Isuzu, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volkswagen, Subaru and Hummer.

premium fox shock absorber performance 2.0 ifp fits to american, europen and japanesse model cars

Shock absorbers 4x4

From basic 2.0 Performance nitro IFP shocks to high-performance reservoir and bypass such as Factory Race 2.5 and Elite 2.5 series. Find models designed for both everyday comfort driving and for maximum performance in extreme off-roading terrain.
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fox steering stabilizer TS american premium brand to offroad

Steering stabilizers

Stable steering is the basis for driving in difficult terrain. Check out FOX steering stabilizers from basic 2.0 Performance to Factory Race series using new Through Shaft technology. TS and ATS architecture delivers neutral and consistent damping.

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fox coilover to offroad cars


Coil-over shocks offer a unique set of performance, efficiency, and reliability that cannot be found in any other shocks. Combines best FOX damping technology, suspension control and proper spring rate to get the best shocks for your pick up.

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fox shock sets suspension parts in offroad express

Shock sets

FOX shock sets are design to provide improved handling, long-lasting performance, comfortable ride, ensuring stability and control. Our technical staff has selected a suspension kits with FOX components specifically designed to fit your vehicle. Fitted to many makes of off-road vehicles.

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Leader in designing and manufacturing shocks

FOX is an American manufacturer of suspension parts for various vehicles, ranging from mountain bikes, motocross bikes, quads, and off-road vehicles to snowmobiles. Vehicles equipped with FOX shocks are unmatched in off-road and racing tracks.

They have repeatedly been the first to cross the finish lines of off-road rallies, including the popular Baja 1000. This is because FOX creates products that are best optimized for the toughest road challenges. This is made possible by the combination of specialized knowledge of engineers and their excellent understanding of the vehicle's performance during extreme driving.

Their passion for motorsports does not confine their experience to the production line. The FOX team consists of a group of extreme sports enthusiasts whose design skills are confirmed in practice. That is why the FOX brand has been an undisputed leader in its field since 1974.

Where the road ends our journey begins

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We are an authorized distributor of FOX Racing Shocks brand in Europe. However, that's not all. Our offer includes over 50 top off-road brands from all over the world and up to 7,000 4x4 vehicle products available in our warehouse. We have a close partnership with nearly 400 dealers, to whom we offer professional advice on choosing parts and education on the modification of off-road vehicles. If you want to know more visit About Us site.

Now, you can join our community of off-road enthusiasts.

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